Moving Your Office Furniture

Posted by Michael on December 16, 2018

With the current state of the the office market in downtown Calgary, you would expect that companies are only Calgary office deskvacating space and no one is taking on new space. While that is mostly true with thousands of jobs being lost in the last 4 years, there are a few companies that have a need for more space, or in some cases, better space.
Nexen, which is owned by a Hong Kong company called CNOOC Limited has decided to upgrade some of their office space and occupy eight floors of the Bow. They will be subleasing around 300,000 sq feet from Cenovous which now occupies part of the new Brookfield place tower which took the crown of Calgary’s tallest building from the Bow when it topped out a couple of years ago. Cenovous and Encana, which is the main tenant of the Bow, have both been hit hard by the oil price collapse and more specifically by the low oil price differential that Alberta oil receives as a result of inadequate pipeline capacity.

Although these large scale moves are a lot more rare than they used to be, there is still a need for skilled companies to Office chairhandle the logistics of moving from one building to another, even if it is just across the street. Desks, cubicles, computer equipment and supplies have to be taken down and packed up for the move. Then, they have to be transported by truck to the new location and reassembled. Work crews have to be experienced in all types of furniture installation to make the equipment functional in a short period of time. They also have to have all the right types of insurance to cover injured employees and damage to the office equipment. Make sure you read their online reviews so that you feel confident that you are hiring a reputable company that will get you up and running again without any incidents.

For smaller companies with limited budgets, the option of hiring a full crew of office furniture installers might be a bit unrealistic. In this case, they may wish to tackle the move by themselves. There are many companies that will rent you a moving truck ranging in size from a pickup truck to a large 5 ton cube type truck. The cost can range anywhere from fifty dollars a day to several hundred dollars a day depending on the size of the vehicle. Other critical tools that will be needed include cordless drills, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, moving bins, moving carts, blankets, and dollies. You can go out and buy these tools without spending a fortune, but then you would have to store the items when you are done. It might be better and cheaper to rent your moving equipment from a place like

So whether you are moving into a world class building like the Bow or into a small suburban strip mall, you need to make sure you hire the right people to make the move for you, or rent the right equipment to do it yourself.

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